Sunday, June 10, 2007


Hello, I am Element. My real name is Vitaliy, and this is my new Linux Gaming blog. I'll write my experiences on running games on Linux through Wine and Cedega, and I will review the games I'm writing about too. I will also suggest native Linux games that are fun. I will mostly be covering FPS's, but if you have a suggestion for a game I should review and try out, then email me. Make sure you're active on your e-mail, because I will e-mail you back quickly.


Element AKA Vitaliy

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Rayvn said...

any progress? im thinking about buying a dv6000z. i would like to run ubuntu on it but i am reading on the forums that it is not a smooth install on that notebook. which distro would you recommend? and i would also like someones opinion about gaming with linux on that notebook so im glad you started this blog.

and if you need a few games to review i would suggest battlefield 2 and counterstrike: source